Some of the most notable products we've developed over the years:

Online Auction Platform

First proudly South African, locally developed, near real-time online auction platform

Near real-time

Utilising the latest technologies in HTML5, bids are propagated to clients in near real-time. With a management interface to match, setting up auctions and lots are easy.

Cross-platform client

Use of HTML5 (and not native) technologies allows users to bid from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fully auditable

With a full audit trail, every bid can be audited and its status tracked. Any transaction and interaction with the platform is logged.

Multiple sales channels

Exclusively online auctions, simulcast auctions, timed auctions, buy now... Pick the sales channel for your asset that returns the highest profit.


An industry first, class leading desktop assessment platform

Full 360 Views

View a vehicle from any angle in resolutions above high-definition, in 14 zoom levels from anywhere through our cloud-based solution.

5 minute assessment

Drive in, assess, drive out. In under 5 minutes.

Automatic damage detection

See automatically annotated damages on vehicles, making assessments easier and quicker.


See two Visual Transactions(tm) side-by-side to enable you to compare the current visuals of an asset to its state a week, or 5 years ago.

High-Speed Digital Audit

Visually capture point-in-time condition and location of assets


Capture hundreds of kilometers' high-definition video of infrastructure, such as roads, road signs, barricades, potholes and more. Then, receive a full audit report of every asset.

High accuracy

Our in-house developed algorithms, along with high accuracy GPS systems, can pinpoint an asset to within 1m. Then, generate reports and send your teams to specific locations to carry out their maintenance.


Provide visual confirmation of assets, as well as changes to assets when maintenance are done, providing a history of the visual state of an asset.

Mobile Platform

Capture the location and condition of objects, anywhere

Dynamic workflows

Our mobile workflow engine allows endless possibilities. Make changes, include a new step, remove another, and your clients get the new workflow when they start the app.

Auto360 integrated

Display the results of your assessment using our Auto360 platform..

Variety of devices

Running on a variety of OSes (Android, Windows Phone 8 and soon, iOS), use your preferred device. Nokia Lumia, check. Samsung Galaxy, check. iPhone 5, check.